Best of Marqus Mars – Volume 5 – Golden Dragon Rock Mix

Digital Album – Best of Marqus Mars – Volume 5 – Golden Dragon Rock Mix. Compilation of Best Songs from 4 Marqus Mars Albums. Tracks are planned to be used in 3D Movie Golden Dragon. EnJOY!

MARQUS MARS – The Ultimate Music Revolution – Electronic Rock n Roll, Trance, Ambient, Funk & Reggae for Free 5D Earth


  • Marqus Mars – vocals, guitars, keyboards, songwriter, arranger, producer
  • Diva Qrystal – vocals
  • Computer Andromeda Thunder 777 – drums and sequencing
  • Management – MQMproductions

Marqus Mars – Last Wave of Golden Light – New Earth – The Shift – Lyrics Video

Last Wave of Golden Light

Marqus Mars – Pro Musician, Composer, Vocalist, Songwriter, known from Poland Bands Ziyo and Maanam, Alternative Music and Alternative TV and Media Producer, Photo-Grapher, Satirist, Mystic and Guitar Virtuoso..

Currently he finnished MQM TRILOGY Album III, plus MQM Album IV and compilation Best of MQM and he is now producing Alternative TV program MARQUS MARS TALENTS SHOW, Rock n Roll Cristal Hotel Events and writing the 3D Musical Movie „Golden Dragon”

MARS – Planet of Passion – Q – stands for a New Cosmic Quality
ZODIAC Signs: Golden DRAGON – Black ARIES
Motto: POWER to The PEOPLE – NOW!

Best of Marqus Mars – Awakening 5D Earth – The Great Awakening – 5D New Earth – The Shift – Video Stills & ReMaster

Awakening 5D Earth

Track List:

  1. End of All Lies 04:06
  2. Evil Weasel 04:05
  3. True Justice, True Equality, True Freedom for All that is R ‚n’ R 04:15
  4. Awakening 5D Earth 05:50
  5. Great Dragon Golden Dragon 03:13
  6. Golden Dragon & Archangels Liberators of Polandia, Earth & Multi Universe 04:21
  7. The Final Clean UP (Finallo Clinappo) 04:38
  8. Last Wave of Golden Light 03:58
  9. Your Heart and Your Mind Now is One 04:42
  10. Matrix is Dissolving – RMX1 07:51
  11. True Love Takes/Took Over 06:57
  12. Erasing All Evil 06:17
  13. UFO Vacations 08:22
  14. Anthem of 5D Earth 03:35
  15. i Love Therefore i AM 04:51

Marqus Mars Official :

Marqus Mars Talents Show


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